5 Steps to Writing a 5-Page Paper Outline Like a Pro

What Is the Structure of a 5-Page Paper Outline?

Apart from stating the structure, the guidelines for developing a 5-page paper outline include:

  1. The Introduction
  2. The Body
  3. Conclusion

Developing a 5-page paper is about writing each paragraph in a particular order, as stated in the instructions you have been given. Your outline should help you arrange the content you want to have in each section. Your writing will be well organized as you organize your information in each paragraph. This is because you will use numbered pages to indicate the position of your claims and ideas.

The introduction of your paper should tie the piece into the narration. Have a brief introduction that sets the context for your topic and the ideas you intend to tackle in the paper. It should inform the reader of your thought process. A five-page paper is long, so you must have a powerful beginning to make the reader want to read the entire essay.

The body is the main section of a five-page paper. It is the time you put in as much content as possible. Each paragraph should have a specific set of points to support it. There is no right or wrong when it comes to writing your points. You may be required to incorporate a couple of quotations in your paper as you write your arguments.

Write your strongest points first. Then combine them with any relevant supporting information. As you conclude, take the reader through each line of your introduction, making sure to make a clear point. Finally, summarize all your main points using a transitional sentence that ties the entire writing to the thesis statement.

Lastly, write a short concluding paragraph to wrap up the five-page paper. You can avoid quoting any information that did not appear in your main body paragraphs. State only the essential content or information that shows your point of view concerning the topic. Here is a sample that includes the transition to conclude the paragraph.

The conclusion is another paragraph that gives a summary of the thesis statement. It is the last paragraph of the paper. You can write it last or in the middle of the document. It should be as detailed as possible. Don’t forget to include any evidence from other sources that supports your view concerning the topic.

When it comes to citing information, you must use in-text citations. Make sure to make use of the citation style that your instructor has provided for your 5-page paper. The instructions are also vital when it comes to how you cite information. It is your responsibility to be sure of what the requirements are.

If you are stuck writing your outline, hire a professional to assist.

Any expert will assist you in writing your academic papers because they know how to draft an outline. Getting expert backing will enable you to get an excellent outline.

Finally, review what your instructor has given in terms of the guidelines for your academic essay. More often than not, you will have a template to guide you on the rest of the essay structure. You should only use the template you are given to start from.

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