Get Instant Tips for Writing a Research Literature Review

Get Instant Tips for Writing a Research Literature Review

With so many other things to manage in school, you must also engage in some useful activities like completing a literature review. Often, lecturers will require students to use a literature review section to demonstrate their understanding of a subject in that course. As such, the entire process of determining which research literature to analyze takes up a lot of time.

Fortunately, we have resources that will guide you through any writing assignment that involves a literature review. From academic books that are free online to sample copies to college coursework that has examples from scholarly sources, you can get a clear understanding of what it entails.

With a keen eye, you will be able to do an excellent research and cite the right source. If you get stuck, you can request an online consultation to get the best methodology to write your literature review. Besides, you can also skip the tedious part and help other students boost their performance.

What Are the Requirements of Writing an Excellent Literature Review?

As the first step in your academic journey, you must begin by understanding what it entails. From there, you will be sure that you can write a quality literature review section. At times, you might not be in a position to do so. As such, you should start by trying to identify the three vital sections to include in the section.

You must make the comparison to other literature to find out if it matches your requirements. Besides, it is crucial to understand that the review must be:

  1. Presented in its most appropriate format
  2. Eliminate grammar and spelling errors
  3. Each sentence must have a strong argument

As such, you should countercheck the samples to verify if they meet the above standard. Remember, you should only use content from credible sources. Ensure that all the references you use have direct links to the sources from which the content was obtained. Besides, you must not quote anyone or make any abbreviations.

Lastly, you should check the necessary formatting style to use. Be keen to select the recommended citation style that applies when using academic sources. Moreover, you should also confirm that the format you need to use in the literature review section corresponds to the writing style recommended in your class or the instructor.

How to Develop the Literature Review Section

You have a few options to write the section. You can use a resume format that has chapters for each section. If that is not an option for you, you can use the outline method that recommends you arrange each chapter in the order the reader expects. In any case, ensure that the literature review ends with a thesis statement. The section should then bring out your argument in conclusion.

You can also support your claims with in-depth research by going through the work of previous scholars. It would be best if you showed your understanding by summarizing the main findings. After, you should summarize the key findings. Remember, your goal is to prove your understanding and not to pass judgment.

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