How to Begin Writing an Outline for Your Research Paper

What is an Outline?

Since the assignment involves a lot of work, students should consult with a professional before developing their academic objectives. As the name suggests, an outline helps to organize data collected during the research process. Typically, an outline assists an individual in planning the findings of their work.

A research paper can range from 2,000 words to over 50 pages in length. Consequently, a student will have to write an outline at least once they have finished their research paper. In most cases, outlines are written using standard formatting styles. The requirements and techniques to use in writing a research paper are detailed in its guidelines.

While writing a research paper, your instructor will expect the learner to follow the following format.

Research Definition

Your instructor wants you to point out the main concepts you have discovered in the research process. Your research paper research definition should be clear and easy for the reader to understand.

Your task as the writer is to make the definition comprehensible, while still keeping the intent clear to the audience. The introduction should also state what you intend to write about and why you are doing so.

While you may be in the midst of drafting the outline, it helps to have an idea of what you aim to achieve.

Describing Your Work

Doing thorough research is one aspect that can go unrecognized. The reader should already have an idea of what you are researching. Thus, they can decide whether to engage your work on a deeper level. Ideally, it would be best if you worked towards condensing your study to only relevant facts.

In some instances, the learning institution may provide a word count for the research paper. It is beneficial to ensure that the reader completes your research work within the stipulated word count.

Once you have the parameters in place, the next step is describing the work. By defining the task, the learner becomes aware of the areas they need to investigate and where they need to go. Ensure that your teacher or tutor is informed about the research paper.

The Literature Review

To ensure that you have covered all the relevant sources, you need to review the research you have done. It would help if you then synthesized the written information into a coherent discussion. Some guidelines for finding reliable literature include:

  • Hiring a professional writer to develop an outline of your research paper
  • Reading the book review to get a gist of the source you need to read
  • Perusing the material using Google scholar to get a definitive grasp
  • Researching further by reading other works related to your subject

Outlining the Different Parts of Your Research Paper

It is important to include at least three main sections in your writing. These include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review
  3. Methodology
  4. Results

As you develop your outline, ensure that each section is clear to the reader. Clarifications can then be included in the right places.

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