Literature Review Example Simplified For You

Understanding Literature Review Structure

It may be difficult to understand literature review structure if you are used to other formats of writing it, or if you are an expert. However, in all likelihood, you have not written the literature review section of your dissertation yet. If not, you have to do it today, whether you have an initial reading or not. You have to give it full consideration when completing the entire dissertation. 

The literature review section covers all the information that your dissertation should have for your research. It contains the following components:

  • Title of the current research
  • Presentation of the subject in today’s context
  • An overview of previous research in that subject area
  • Recommendation about the topic
  • A statement about current trends in that field
  • A general statement about your research 
  • An abstract that summarizes the work done in that section

Every literature review section can vary significantly from one researcher to another. Therefore, it is important to consult with your supervisor before you know what to include in yours. Only the data that they want you to include in your paper should determine the structure to use. Ensure that you consult with them carefully to make the right choices. 

An essay format of writing a literature review is similar to the conventional essay format. All the pieces used in the writing tend to follow the same structure. However, there is one great difference. 

 The Format of Writing Literature Review

An essay format also requires that you discuss every other writer’s work in that particular academic field. It follows from this, that you should talk about the different people who have contributed to that field. Talk about the role they played. Give their contribution to your discipline and how that informs your understanding of the topic. Discuss how their contribution has shaped the current understanding of that particular field. Also, talk about the different ideas they introduced to that field. Talk about their contribution to your field of study and the outcomes they had on your research.

One of the good things with the essay format is that you can include any information that you think will assist your reader to understand your dissertation. The literature review section of your dissertation must be extensively written to give the required information. Make it brief yet current and accurate. Provide an overview of the current trends in that discipline. Also, develop your research ideas that have contributed to the field. 

However, it would be best if you never introduced new things in the literature review section of your dissertation. The purpose is to review previous research that has shaped your understanding of your subject. For example, you can cite your sources by using the references.

Do not copy another writer’s work. Please do not use any information as your own. Always cite the source you are using and give credit to the author of that information. You can also outline the information you will provide and which sections you will include in your writing. 

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